We are still in business!

Having celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2021, Pan Records continues to document and promote living traditions. In those years we made a total of 350 – 400 productions, mainly CDs, but also music cassettes, LPs, DVDs, and books (via our publishing company Parallax). Since 2008 most of our catalogue is also available as digital downloads, and in 2020 we released our first digital-only CD.

In this day and age we survive, because we change with the times. Change is good!

Our styles: Trad + Arr + Contemporary + Roots + Ethnic + Fusion.

Our specialisations: brass band music, overtone music, folk polyphony, music from archives.

Our regions of interest: Central Asia, the Pacific, South-East Europe, Netherlands, ethnic groups in China, ethnic groups in the (ex-)USSR, East and West Africa.

Get in touch with us at info@panrecords(dot)nl for orders and inquiries.

Visit our Facebook page for regular updates and release info.

Our CDs are also available via Discogs. Our trade name on Discogs is Schollevaar.

Follow our YouTube channel at pansdelight for videos of various of our artists.

You can download our 2001-2021 catalogue here as pdf.

You can download our 1976-2001 catalogue here as pdf.

Bernard Kleikamp, owner of Pan Records, writes a blog mostly about Tibet-related stuff and about music, at pansdelight.blogspot.com

Some physical CDs listed in the catalogues unfortunately are sold out.

Echeykin Family (Pan 2007, Pan 1207)
Echeykin Family (Pan 2008, Pan 1207)
Versie 2
Tuva Ensemble with Gennadi Tumat—right (Pan 2005, Pan 2013, Pan 2090)
IMGA0771 kopie
Ivan Kirchuk (Pan 171, Pan 185, Pan 196)
Kobzar 1 kopie
Ukrainian music instruments (Pan 7002)
Pekel (Pan 038, Pan 043, Pan 157, Pan 159, Pan 179, Pan 211, Pan 216, Pan 227, Boek: Ongezouten)
Ndere 2
Ndere Troupe (Pan 2016, Pan 2057, Pan 201)
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